Vision Team Charter

Vision Team Charter


1. Team Purpose

“Cast a vision that ensures NBC stewards God’s provision of Time, Tools, and Talent in a manner that glorifies Him and leads to kingdom growth.”


2. Team Mission

“Our mission is to help NBC align investments, engagements and activities in order to support long term stability.”


3. Team Goals

  • Develop a Vision Statement that reflects our Church’s love for Jesus – our church family – our community
  • Ensure NBC’s physical campus provides a safe, welcoming and functional community experience.
  • Develop a strategic plan for NBC investments, engagements and activities to be consistent with sustainable resourcing strategies.
  • Exercise responsibilities using NBC’s oversight structures and decision processes in a deliberative, predictable and transparent manner.

4. Team Roles

Internal to the Team:  

  • Champion – 
  • Team Leader – Pat Shea
  • Facilitator – Diane Denslow
  • Timekeeper – Steve Jones
  • Scribe (s) – Tina Taylor, Rich Trendel, Barry Harmer
  • Team Members –   When not serving in a titled role

External to the Team

  • Communicate – Serve as a conduit for routine communications concerning the team’s progress.
  • Plan – Develop a kingdom growth strategic plan that is obedient to our commission, engages our family, stewards our resources and reaches our community.
  • Represent – Participate as advisors to NBC standing governance structures

          1. Church Council

          2. Stewardship Committee

          3. Personnel Committee

          4. Missions Committee

          5. Building & Grounds Committee

          6. Nominating Committee


5. Meeting Ground Rules

  • Pray for each other
  • Show up to the meeting on time
  • Respect the opinions of others
  • Agree to turn off our phones and not use technology use during meetings
  • Respect other members by refraining from side talk
  • Commit to completing team assignments by the agreed upon time-frame
  • Refrain from discussing any conflict within the group outside of team meetings

6. Charter Review

  • Next review 90 days following congregational approval