Life Groups are small group Bible studies where people connect and grow. On Sunday mornings, all of our life groups from preschool to senior adults are studying the Gospel Project.

How do I get connected with a group?

There are many ways to connect – you can join one of the groups listed or you can allow a leader to help connect you to a group that best suits your needs. If you are interested in more information, please send us an email and we’ll help place you based on your interests, availability and gender.

9:45 AM Life Groups

Young Adult & College and Career

B-205C Dave & Amy Reese


Adult Coed Groups

B-203 Jennifer Beuershausen, Stephen & Stacie Carter

B-101 Derek Greene & Tony Harmon

Zoom Sue Lickfeld

B-102 Jim Marasco & Joe Jones

FH Becky & Dan Harris


Married Groups

B-204 Josh & Aubree Rickerson, Mike & Jillian Powers


Ladies Groups

CR 1 Beth Grant

B205B Cecelia Peacock

Annex 2 Lois Jernigan

B-101D Sonja Edwards


Men’s Group

Annex 1 Carlos Jones, Charlie Murdock & Gary Stengl


New Members Class – Starting Point

B-205 (Offered quarterly)


Middle School – Student Area

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Greg & Savanna Bushman


High School – Student Area

9th & 10th Grade Nathaniel Harris, Nate Barnette

11th &12th Grade Nathaniel Harris, Nate Barnette


Preschool & Children

Babies (nursery area) Bonnie Manjang  

1 yrs (nursery area) Tina Taylor

2 yrs (nursery area) Amy Walker & Cindy Vanbuskirk

3 & 4 yrs (preschool area) Nancy Edwards

K5 (preschool area) Teresa Cribbs

1st & 2nd Grade A-204 Kathy Waller

3rd Grade A-202 Angela Canter

4th Grade A-207 Linda Edwards

5th Grade A-206 Stacie Tineo


Preschool & Children 11:00 AM Worship

Babies (nursery area) Cathy Huffenus

1 & 2 yrs (nursery area) Andrea Laperriere

Preschool 3-5 yrs (preschool area) Arielle Johnson & Luke Williamson

1st – 5th Grade Gospel Worship (children’s building) Shelly Brown