After 8 years of ongoing conflict, Russia has launched a wide-ranging war on Ukraine, rolling in tanks and troops into their neighbors to the West. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces continues to intensify.

The war could cause at least 5 million people to be displaced and has already lead to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis among the Ukrainian people. The greatest needs for displaced families are food, shelter, transportation, clothing, sanitation and hygiene care.


Give today to bring help and healing to the hurting!

Send Relief, the Southern Baptist compassion ministry, is working with local Baptist partners and churches in Ukraine, Poland and 6 other border nations to respond to the growing crisis. Send Relief projects that are already underway are currently serving an estimated 91,000 displaced people in Eastern Europe.

Neptune Baptist Church is collecting an offering to forward to Send Relief.  100% of what we collect designated for Ukraine Relief will go to this project and provide emergency food supplies, shelter, transportation, hygiene kits and more to displaced families right now and for months to come.